Lone Stone Studio

Lone Stone is an independant Video Games studio created in 2014, mainly to provide our current project City Invaders with a legal structure. We are 4 co-founders and are currently employing several people to help us making this amazing project come to life.

As you probably saw on our website already, City Invaders is a tactical game where you will fight zombies and other players to conquer real places in your area in order to find shelter and collect resources to survive the apocalypse.

We know free to play comes with its load of criticism and well justified fears. We grew with video games and have had our share of disappointments. For this reason we have set a strict moral code in which we forbid ourselves to fall into the traditional free to play traps. City Invaders will NOT be a pay-to-win game. You will NOT have to pay to avoid waiting for days until you can make another action. DLCs' main goal will be to increase the user's experience and broaden the game without giving any significant advantage over non-paying players.

We truly believe our game is awesome enough on its own. We don't want to make it addictive for any other reason than its' cool storyline and gameplay.


The City Invaders team


Godefroy de Compreignac

Co-founder & programmer

Founder at EklaBlog.com (a big french blogging platform with 10M visitors / month) and Murties (a browser game with 100K players in 2005), Godefroy has a master's degree in engineering (ISEP, Paris) and management (Audencia, Nantes / Boston University). He is passionate about building cool stuff, mostly web applications and video games. Because we never know when a zombie attack will happen, he's always ready to leave the country with his knife and laptop, as a good digital nomad.

Pierrick Bignet

Co-founder & game designer

Pierrick has graduated from an engineering school (EFREI) and from a business school (Audencia). Born with a gamepad in his hands, he started playing before walking, and ended up game designing because, well, it's cool. On the side, he likes building fortifications against zombies.

Ronan Letellier

Co-founder & programmer

After graduating as an engineer (ISEP, Paris / INHA University, Incheon), Ronan worked on various projects with startups and did some freelancing. He then took some time off and went back packing around Europe for a while. A trip from which he came back fully motivated, eager to join the City Invaders adventure and his bag filled with cool surviving tricks. He loves travelling and can't stay in the same place for too long. Besides programming and moving out from places he just arrived in, he enjoys playing music and drinking his ale. He likes to think he's the badass portrayed in this avatar, but we all know he'll die first during the invasion...

Philippe Salib

Artistic director - 2D Graphist artist

Since his young age, Philippe has always been fond of gaming. Slashing and smacking peoples heads with a club in a fantasy universe was, to him, the purpose of life. He also loved drawing. So he decided to combine his passions and started his journey in Enjmin (french school specialized in video games arts). Then one day, an opportunity came: working for the City Invaders project. Zombies in an apocalyptic world, cool graphics, a motivated team... Is there more to say? He hopped on board right away. On the side, he draws, plays games, listens to audiobooks and walks untill dark. It's easier to run from zombies that way.

Eddy Margueron

Lead 3D Graphist artist

Before hanging around Lone Stone Studio to zealously slaughter zombies, Eddy studied for 3 years the mysteries of 3D and VFX at ARIES, Graphic & Motion Design School. Despite years of multimedia entertainments training, he remains a nooby in the undead massacre department. Always looking for new methods and secrets to learn, he'll prove to be a strong asset. Moreover, two years spent studying chemistry before eventually finding his calling should help him manufacture great Molotov cocktails...

Alexis De Compreignac

Music composer and sounds creator

Since his childhood, Alexis has always dreamed to be a video game character and to save the world from evil forces. He soon noticed that this kind of job was hard to find in our down to earth world, so he decided to become a video game music composer instead. To accomplish his destiny, he studied cello, piano, voice, music writing at conservatory, and electric and folk guitar on his own. He entered the CNSMDP in 2011 to study harmony, counterpoint and fugue, and he is about to obtain his master degree. Aside from this, Alexis has always shown a big interest in martial arts such as aikibudo and kung fu. Those appear to be quite helpful when it comes to fight zombies!