City Invaders

Zombies are everywhere! Defend your neighborhood, expand your territory!

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Fight zombies in strategic battles

To survive, you'll have to fight hordes of zombies in the city. Move, attack and use the battleground to elaborate strategies: you have to kill them all.
build a team

Build a team of survivors

You'll begin alone but you'll meet other survivors. Help them and hire them in your team. Each survivor has different aptitudes to unlock. Master them to survive!
customize survivors

Customize your survivors

Equip them with weapons, helmets, armors and boots to make them classy and deadly.
conquer places

Conquer real places in your city

When you win a battle in a restaurant, a bar, a shop, a school etc, the place is yours! A new place allows you to produce resources and hire more survivors, thus strengthening your team.
face players

Face other players

You can attack other players' places to conquer or loot them. They can attack you too, so be careful with your territory and prepare your defense!
upgrade places

Upgrade your places

Upgrade your places to strengthen them and produce more resources.


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